Our company was founded in 2001 as GRIND Paweł Blimel and was transformed into a family enterprise, GRIND sc., in 2010.

GRIND is an experienced team engaged in renovation of chromium plated metal elements as well as polishing of metal surfaces in order to obtain the full gloss effect.

We restore lustre to car, motorcycle, boat and machine accessories as well as other details we are entrusted with by our clients.

We perform our services by means of specialized equipment and materials made by reputable manufacturers, which allows us to achieve repeatability at the highest level.

We put our best effort to carry out each and every order in time, in a reliable and professional way, owing to which we have gained clients from various regions of Poland and Europe. The prices of our services are established individually with the clients, depending on the number and parameters of the submitted details, based on direct examination.

A price estimation is also possible after we receive clear photographs of individual details sent to our e-mail address. We co-create the success of many brands from different branches. We form lasting business relationships with well-known brands as well as individual clients.